This article presents 'Viridian', a practice as research, cross-generational screendance project. Drawing upon seminal research into the fields of somatic movement arts and community dance practice it will discuss how Viridian fostered an inclusive community dance experience, and one which sought to embrace difference and develop understanding of the potential we have to empower each other through experiential openness. It will discuss how Shin Somatic principles and processes were applied in the making of the dance film Viridian and, in specific, reference to how the project facilitated empathic listening and an inclusive community dance experience. Comments and reflections from the perspective of the performers will be included to give voice to their experiences and reflections on the creative process. At the heart of this practice as research project lays the proposal that somatic bodywork can resource wellbeing and develop greater awareness of the importance of being in movement and in contact with others as we age.



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Dance Research Aotearoa



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School of Art, Design and Architecture