Interactive Projection of a virtual Bronze Spheric Theme for Tate St Ives Naum Gabo Exhibition co-produced with i-DAT and Tate Digital.Medium: Digital projectionNotes:“This projected model allows Gabo’s Bronze Spheric Theme to revolve in space as the artist originally intended. As you step into the corner of the gallery, motion sensors follow your movement and direct the digital model to rotate.Gabo used transparent and reflective materials to harness light within sculptures. He also developed moving sculptures and designs for projections onto buildings. This 3D model follows Gabo’s innovative use of materials and technologies. Using 3D scanning and photogrammetry the original sculpture was captured in detail. The digital model was then made interactive using game engine software.”(Gallery information panel)

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School of Art, Design and Architecture


Naum Gabo, Projection Mapping, Tate