This panel will deal with art, media and science via the concept of the ‘spin’ as a fundamental in quantum research where flux and vibration are at the very core. The historical model of media art, science and technology must now include the potential of the quantum phenomena through the emergence of the quantum computer. The subatomic world tantalises us with startling phenomena, but lies deep beneath the surface of human experience, forever hidden from direct observation. Data captured through complex physics experiments reveal quantum behaviours, but unlike scientific meanings constructed to objectively explain such phenomena, the panel will explore the interactions between the subatomic and human realms. In the words of contemporary physicist Anton Zeilinger, this data from quantum experiments exists in a state of “primary reality” more fundamental than the meanings scientists construct to explain it [1]. The panel will reflect how media art will have to deal with significant change based on the discoveries being made in controlling atoms at the core of new machines, including the quantum computer. The panel’s intuitive and insightful presentations will demonstrate how we as humans comprehend and understand the world at the deepest level and by doing so bring it into existence.

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