Double Skin AV Performance, The Lauren Baker Gallery: Covent Garden, London 2018.Practice-led research concerned with the use of photogrammetric data for the formation of a digital mise-en-scène – used as an environmental impulse generator for the construction of a ghostification. Acting as a conduit between physical space and a 3D simulation of architectural space, Double Skin explores the affective capacities of architectural ghostification – the reproduction of an architectural reality within a different space and time. This transformation enables one environment to inhabit another portion of the world – where the space starts presencing under a different spatial configuration.What emerges is a double spatial dramaturgy, the viewer’s attention is interrupted by the simulated space, creating an architectural mise-en-scène that is not so simply predictable, referring to the non-periodic irregularities of virtual and physical interweaving.Double Skin was performed at Invisible Realm: Exploring the Unseen, an event hosted by Lauren Baker Contemporary and Kinetica.Double Skin was also presented at the 4th International Online Congress NHM New Human Media, a biannual event hosted by Anilla Cultural Latinoamérica-Europa in Uruguay (2018).

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