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A short, collaborative 16mm film poem by artist film-makers Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore and the poet and writer David Sergeant, for the Sustainable Earth Institute's Creative Associates programme. The Other Side of Now evokes the everyday-ness of life in a city, which seems to be wakening to new possibilities after the long period of pandemic and impacts of impending ecological emergency. Nature colonises the abandoned public spaces of the present-day. Erased by the ebb and flow of urban regeneration, these repurposed sites are resonant with the city’s layered histories, rewilded by visions from past and possible futures.

"It is easier to imagine the end of the world than –"
The poem’s opening line touches on words from Fredric Jameson (1994), that it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism. The images portray the present-day dying city, whose centre has been eviscerated by the pandemic. Its abandoned public spaces remodelled through successive regenerations are rewilded by visions of past and possible futures. As the performance of the spoken word within the audio-visual flow co-creates multiple registers of metaphoric and denotative associations, the film poem evokes the everyday-ness of life in a city that seems to be wakening to new possibilities after a long year of pandemic.

At this fork in the path for our collective planetary future, how can we imagine ourselves in a better world, a world that is materially achievable now but often seems beyond reach? How can we join that imagining to the present so as to open up a path to a better future? These questions underpin the creative collaboration here.

Funded by Sustainable Earth Institute's Creative Associates programme, University of Plymouth

Aquifer: The Florida Review, University of Central Florida (online, from 15 August 22 onwards). Permalink: https://floridareview.cah.ucf.edu/article/the-other-side-of-now/

Carbon-Borders-Voices: international group exhibition focusing on coastal/border places of transition within the context of climate crisis. The initiative builds on the vision of establishing a collective space for interaction, exchange, debate and collaboration between the arts and sciences at this critical moment in time: “By redefining fields of enquiry and forms of knowledge that operate within and outside of them, we can begin to conceive of a new philosophy to undergo this enquiry; a knowledge that is not only about things in themselves but rather a knowledge about how ideas, processes and concepts interact.” (24 Jan to 7 March 2022, online; gallery exhibition forthcoming).

Fab City Open Day, Sustainability Hub, the Sustainable Earth Institute, Plymouth, UK (22 September 2021)

Medium: 4K video with stereo sound, from 16mm

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School of Art, Design and Architecture


16mm, "artists' moving image", collaboration, film poem, post-capitalism, space-time