Research conducted on computer-mediated composition to uncover opportunities for digital applications to improve soundscape-choreographic connectedness across transnational dance networks.Questions sought to extend awareness in Japan’s culture of disability through dance. Compositional technologies were utilised and developed using speech synthesis, HCI and multidimensional scaling. An acoustically synthesised program was designed to develop the potential of sound interaction and spatial coordination in dance.This involved an original cross-disciplinary methodology between different fields including spatial awareness, audio and science. Vocal sounds made by the disabled Japanese dancers were translated into numerical data language with the outcome of designing a new synthesised soundscape.The project included choreography by the pioneer of integrative practice Adam Benjamin and Japanese Integrated Dance Company-Kyo was funded by Art and Culture Promotion Fund, Arts Council Tokyo & Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, gave acoustic definition to non-verbal sound using algorithmic form.

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School of Art, Design and Architecture


data specific soundscape, Soundscape